Ernie was reached by the bus ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church. His children rode the bus off and on for several years before he attended with his family. In June of 2006 Ernie accepted Christ as his Saviour. Ernie, his wife Raylinda, and their three children, became very faithful in church from then on.
Four years later, the Lord called Ernie and his family to be missionaries to the people in Mexico. He and his wife have since graduated from Faith Bible Institute which was given through their church. Ernie is eager to get to the mission field where God has called him.

Raylinda was Saved when she was 14 years old. Her grandmother, which was a preacher’s wife, made sure Raylinda attended church while she lived with her. After being saved, Raylinda did not follow the will of God. She didn’t attend a church faithfully until Ernie had gotten saved in 2006. Raylinda is thankful for God’s grace on her family and grateful that the Lord didn’t give up on her through those years she didn’t live for Him. She is very humbled that God would choose to use her and her family to reach the people in Mexico.